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Dong Bang bottle & packaging, Inc.

Dong Bang bottle & packaging is a supplier of bottles and caps including PET bottles, PE bottles, plastic bottles, cosmetic bottles, pharmaceutical and medicine bottles, food bottles, lids, screw caps, pumps, sprayer, disk cap, metal caps, and other closures for different bottles. We are one of the highest-regarded plastic bottle manufacturers in Korea and we supply from 1 box to large quantity orders with competitive pricing with the highest quality and fastest capacity you can find online.



Cosmetic Bottles

Food Container / Pharmaceutical bottle / Beverage Bottle

PET bottles / HDPE bottles

PET bottles / HDPE bottles

Food Container / Pharmaceutical Bottle / Beverage Bottle

Dong Bang bottle & packaging is a plastic bottle manufacturer in Korea. We are known as Dong Bang plastic and have been serving the Korean market as a number 1 manufacturer and wholesaler of different plastic containers and packagings for many years. We have over 5,000 plastic containers including plastic bottles and cosmetic, pharmaceutical, medicine, food and juice bottles with various closures such as screw caps, aluminum caps, mist sprayers, pumps, dispensers, shampoo pumps, and other closures with various colors. Dong Bang Bottle & Packaging serves orders from 1 box to larger quantity orders with reasonable pricing and fast lead times to anywhere in the world. With 30-years of experience as a manufacturer, we have a low rate of defect with our products and we are well-known in Korean market. Approximately 120,000 members use our website, for their products and it is constantly increasing day by day. We hope to establish a good business relationship with you. Please contact us for any inquires you might have.

Cosmetic Bottles

PET bottles / HDPE Bottles
Food Container / Pharmaceutical bottle / Beverage Bottle

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DONGBANG PLASTIC Factory : 325-1 Jeollyu-ri, Haseong-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
DONGBANG PLASTIC Office : DONGBANG AGARBATTI BUILDING, 79-5 Bangsan-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea (Postal code : 100-812)
TEL : 82-1544-4325 / TEL : 02-2266-9394 / FAX : 82-31-987-8491
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